Top 10 SEO Companies in New York

Seo Companies in New York
Seo Companies in New York

6 Things the Media Hasn’t Told You About Top SEO companies in New York

Are you looking for the best SEO companies in New York? You’re in the right place. Our independent rankings give you the lowdown on which agencies are the best in the City and why.

Our rankings use third-party, independent data. So you can be sure you’re getting transparent information. Then, having collated and analyzed the data, we make it easy for you to find the right New York City SEO company for your business.

What is SEO


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to the practice of optimizing a website or web page to improve its visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). The goal of SEO is to increase organic (non-paid) traffic to a website by making it more relevant and appealing to search engines.

SEO involves various techniques and strategies, including keyword research, on-page optimization, technical optimization, link building, and content creation. Keyword research helps identify the terms and phrases people use when searching for information related to a website’s content. On-page optimization involves optimizing elements such as titles, headings, meta tags, and content to make them more search engine-friendly. Technical optimization focuses on improving website performance, speed, and accessibility. Link building involves acquiring high-quality backlinks from other websites to improve a site’s authority and credibility. Content creation involves producing high-quality, relevant, and engaging content that attracts and retains visitors.

By implementing effective SEO practices, websites can increase their visibility in search engine results, attract more organic traffic, and potentially improve their online presence and business outcomes.

Why SEO Is Important for Business Is Out. Here’s What’s In


SEO is important for businesses for several reasons:

  1. Increased online visibility: In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses. SEO helps improve a website’s visibility in search engine results, making it more likely to be found by potential customers. When a business ranks higher in search results, it has a better chance of attracting organic traffic and reaching a wider audience.
  2. Targeted traffic and lead generation: SEO helps businesses attract targeted traffic to their websites. By optimizing their websites for specific keywords and phrases, businesses can ensure that they appear in search results when users search for relevant products or services. This means that the traffic generated through SEO is more likely to be interested in what the business offers, increasing the chances of lead generation and conversions.
  3. Cost-effective marketing: SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy compared to other forms of digital advertising, such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. While SEO requires an investment of time and effort, it does not involve direct payments for ad placements. Once a business achieves a good ranking, it can continue to attract organic traffic without ongoing advertising costs.
  4. Building credibility and trust: Ranking higher in search results can help businesses build credibility and trust with their target audience. Users tend to trust search engines and believe that the top-ranking websites are more reliable and authoritative. By implementing SEO strategies, businesses can establish themselves as industry leaders and gain the trust of potential customers.
  5. Competitive advantage: In a competitive business landscape, SEO can provide a competitive advantage. By ranking higher in search results, businesses can stand out from their competitors and attract more customers. A strong SEO strategy can help businesses differentiate themselves, increase brand visibility, and gain an edge in the market.
  6. Long-term results: SEO is a long-term strategy that can provide sustainable results over time. While it may take time to see significant improvements in rankings, the efforts put into SEO can pay off in the long run. Once a business achieves a good ranking, it can continue to attract organic traffic and generate leads without ongoing advertising costs.

Overall, SEO is important for businesses as it helps increase online visibility, attract targeted traffic, generate leads, build credibility, gain a competitive advantage, and achieve long-term results in a cost-effective manner. It is an essential component of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes.

Are you on the hunt for the best SEO companies in New York?




Moburst is a leading full-service digital agency with offices in New York City, San Francisco, and two other continents. Their expertise in crafting digital strategies for startups and global brands drives sustainable growth, as evidenced by their impressive client list, including Uber, Google, and eBay. Specializing in mobile app marketing, they possess a deep understanding of digital challenges and have helped nearly half of all mobile apps with 1+ billion users. Their key services include UX, digital strategy, SEO, social media management, media buying, web design, development, and video production.

SEO Services New York


Founded in 2009, SEO Services New York has 113 search engine optimization campaigns to its name and has attracted interest from Clutch, Agency Spotter, and TDA, amongst others. And their rankings make sense since they’ve received an array of awards.

Despite having a low number of DoFollow links pointing towards the site, their stellar reviews and impressive total traffic figures ensure search engine optimization Services New York remains one of the best SEO companies in New York City.

Delivering PPC, search engine optimization, content marketing, and consultancy and training, you can outsource your digital marketing services to their in-house team or request that they share their expertise with your own staff. SEO Services New York works with local, national, and international brands.

NuStream Media


NuStream Media is a digital marketing agency with five offices serving businesses in New York City and surrounding areas. Their services cater to clients’ requirements to expand their presence in the virtual market through a range of online, visual, and print methods. They offer comprehensive services, including graphics, SEO, video marketing, website development, and pay-per-click campaigns. Their goal is to provide customized digital marketing solutions that help increase sales and boost clients’ online presence. With a focus on delivering outstanding results, NuStream is dedicated to helping businesses grow and stand out in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Grey Global Group


Grey Group, a New York City-based marketing agency founded in August 1917, has a team of 2,400 employees and operates globally. They specialize in providing various marketing services to assist businesses. Grey Group was established by Lawrence Valenstein, Arthur C. Fatt, Larry Valenstein, and Arthur Fatt. With a proven track record, they offer effective marketing strategies to help clients scale their business. Their services include creative strategy, business consultation, design, social media influencers, experience mapping, and product activation. Grey Group has worked with many reputable clients, such as Coca-Cola, Pfizer, GSK, and Nestle. For more information about their services, visit the company’s website.

Foreignerds Inc.


Established in 2013, Foreignerds Inc. is a digital marketing agency based in New York City that offers a wide range of services. They assist business owners in boosting search engine traffic, increasing brand awareness, and maximizing profits by providing on-page and off-page SEO solutions.

The agency specializes in creating ad campaigns for social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition, they offer web development and influencer marketing services. Foreignerds has worked with many reputable clients, such as Adobe, Adani, Pets Best, and Wipro.


Digital marketing scribbled on a notepad

Acronym, a Manhattan-based agency founded in 1995, prioritizes a search-first approach in its digital marketing strategies for clients. The agency believes that search is the most effective way to understand and personalize customers’ needs. It combines it with data analysis and AI-based technologies to create customized messaging and content strategies. Acronym’s 110-120 employees team specializes in SEO and SEM services for B2B and B2C industries. By leveraging search and technology, Acronym helps clients achieve their digital marketing goals with targeted and informed campaigns.



Delivering ‘SEO That Works,’ Mimvi SEO rank well because of high domain authority, a decent number of DoFollow links, fast page speeds, excellent site security, and positive feedback from their clients.

Potential clients can benefit from an SEO audit, so it’s an excellent opportunity to gain feedback from their in-house team and decide whether their strategies are right for you. Guiding clients through website design, search engine optimization, PPC ad campaigns, and online reputation management, they offer a comprehensive range of services that can benefit any business.

With a heavy emphasis on local SEO, Mimvi search engine optimization positions itself as specialist within the NYC and Long Island regions. Therefore, for brands based within these areas or businesses that want to target these geographical locations, Mimvi could be the ideal growth partner.

Alto Palo


Alto Palo is a New York City-based company that provides digital marketing services to businesses. Their team of marketing specialists has expertise in search engine optimization and marketing techniques. They work closely with clients to develop and execute organic search and ranking strategies that enhance their online visibility. The company also leverages Google Merchant services to place products and content across Google.Through metrics analysis, Alto Palo identifies areas for improvement and guides clients on what to build next. In addition to digital marketing, they offer web development, e-commerce, and branding services. With a comprehensive suite of services, Alto Palo helps businesses establish a strong online presence and achieve their growth goals.

Ironpaper Marketing


Specializing in search engine optimization, Ironpaper Marketing is a full-service SEO agency that can complement effective search engine optimization with a range of other services. From content marketing and lead generation to web design and conversion optimization, you can access everything you need to grow your business under one roof.

Their in-house team of marketers, analysts, engineers, and writers focus on Analytics, Agility, and Action to secure results on behalf of clients. Finessing the customer’s journey by aligning sales and marketing strategies, a data-driven approach is behind every decision and action taken.

Founded by Jonathan Franchell in 2003, the team consists of over 30 in-house specialists working from two locations: NYC and Charlotte. Having achieved a 3000% lead increase for a B2B company, a 716% quarter-on-quarter increase in qualified leads for a telecom management firm, and a 500% increase in sales for a non-profit organization, it’s clear Ironpaper Marketing offers impressive results across a range of sectors.

Clocking in with the highest domain authority in our top 10, a high rate of traffic, and a staggering number of DoFollow links, they’ve earned the right as one of the best SEO companies in New York City.

Sure Oak


Also securing their place in the rankings with 22 points, Sure Oak positions themselves as ‘A New York SEO Agency for Bold Dreamers.’ Located in the Flatiron District, Sure Oak offers a wide range of search engine optimization services.

Everything you need to improve your Google rankings is offered in-house as part of their search engine optimization package, from technical audits and advanced keyword research to competitor analysis, content optimization, and link building (for search engines).

With case studies reporting 582% growth in organic traffic via link building and on-site optimization, page 1 rankings for 17 competitive terms for one client, and a 538% increase in organic traffic in just two months, new clients can look forward to the same level of service and comparable results.

But you don’t have to become a paid-up customer to see what Sure Oak can offer. They feature free search engine optimization tools on their website, so you can analyze your web pages, check your domain authority, and generate meta tags to gain more insight into your current rankings and what you need to do to improve them.

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